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New home for Head Office

September 23, 2020

No matter how old you are the start of September always seems to subconsciously signify a new start, perhaps having been ingrained in us from our school years.

This September certainly felt like a fresh new start for our Head Office team as not only did we return to the office after 5 months of working from home but we also moved into a brand new office.

At the start of September Renew Financial Management took a 10 year lease at 33 Grey Street, which in 2002 was voted as the ‘best street in the UK’ by Radio 4 listeners.

Grey Street was built in the 1830s and it’s history is steeped with bankers and financiers all working from this prestigious base, it was a natural choice for Renew Financial Management having previously been based on the banks of the River Tyne at Newcastle Business Park.

Louise Potts, Operations Director for Renew Financial Management said “the need for a larger office came about long before the unfortunate arrival of Covid-19, since December 2019 our Head Office function has doubled and we were becoming very shy on space at our original office. Negotiations for the lease began in March and proved timely as the need for social distancing soon became a key factor in our return to work plans. Being in the city centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne makes a perfect base for once we are able to safely welcome visitors again and hopefully in the not so distant future our team can enjoy the city centre leisure and shopping opportunities that we now have on our doorstep”

The Renew Financial Management Head Office function consists of a 10-member Senior Management Team including the Managing Director Colin Potts, Operations Director Louise Potts and General Manager Eden Fahy.

The remaining positions on the SMT are comprised of Mortgage Director, Mortgage Compliance Director, Finance Manager, Customer Experience Manager, Compliance Team Manager and our Remote Compliance & Training Manager who we will be sharing more information about over the coming weeks.

As well as the SMT the Grey Street office is also home to

  • 9 Compliance Managers
  • Administration Team
  • Social Media Assistant

As well as being a great base for our Renew Life operation, Grey Street is also the perfect location to grow our ever expanding mortgage division Renew Advice. Being in the city centre is perfect for our mortgage clients to attend meetings and we look forward to holding some mortgage open days once it is Covid safe to do so.

In the meantime we continue to work safely from our new home and look forward to many happy years here protecting families, growing futures and creating employment for the North East.

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