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Long live Team Renew!

September 22, 2020

Hi all!

Lou Potts here – Operations Director at Renew Life!

I wanted to let you all know how proud I am of how Renew Life responded to the biggest challenge us, and most of the country, has ever faced – Covid-19 and Lockdown.

Covid-19 certainly provided some challenges to our business and after an initial few days of uncertainty around transferring our entire operation to a work from home model we began to settle into our new way of working with ease and comfort ensuring we were all safe but still able to provide services to our clients and of course employment to our team members.

During lockdown we have been protecting around 500 families per week with Life Insurance and other protection products, but we were mindful that with no return to the office date in mind that we would need to ensure that our teams still felt connected and valued.

If you already know us here at Renew Life you will know that our values are at the heart of all we do, our values are;

  • We Care
  • We Deliver
  • We Improve
  • We Maintain a Sense of Fun
  • We Achieve Together
  • We wanted to ensure that during lockdown we still embraced these values and felt together as team even though we were all apart, and so began our Target £10k mission….

During our 2nd week of working from home the country had begun to show their thanks to the NHS with the weekly doorstep clap ritual, the movement was overwhelming and emotional and as part of our We Care value we felt compelled to show our support to the heroes working on the frontline of the Covid-19 crisis.

We set ourselves a target to raise £10,000 for NHS Charities Together and swiftly communicated our mission to all our teams from Newcastle to Swansea to ensure we were all living our We Deliver value of ensuring we met our target.

During the following weeks we held our We Maintain a Sense of Fun value close to our hearts and began congregating together by the power of Zoom to socialise and participate in concerts, quizzes and bingo! By charging an ‘entry fee’ to the events we began to see our fundraising gather momentum!

Our Remote Compliance Manager, Keith Swinbank gave PT Barnum a run for his money and became our very own Greatest Showman by hosting and comparing every Zoom gathering!

Keith wowed us with his acoustic guitar and singing performances to bingo and quiz master abilities! To show our gratitude to Keith we will be awarding him with one of our Values Ambassadorship roles of We Maintain a Sense of Fun Ambassador which we are looking forward to celebrating as part of our office reunion at some point in the near future.

Alongside our social events, management from Renew Life and our Appointed Representative Smart Protect, donated £1 per family protected which generated hundreds of pounds worth of donations each week.

We began our mission on Easter Monday and in only 4 weeks we raised over our £10,000 target!

We celebrated our achievement, alongside Renew Life’s 2nd birthday with a birthday quiz finale.

The pride of witnessing us ‘Achieve Together’ will stick with me forever and I am truly grateful to work alongside such thoughtful and caring friends.

Long live Team Renew!

That’s for all now – but do keep a look out for me sharing more of our news and achievements!


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